Hello there!

I’m Josh Skipworth, a political and advocacy pro transitioning into full-time writing. Insatiably curious and hard working, I’m quick to explore archives, chat with strangers, and traverse the world hunting for a story worth telling. That story will be search-engine-optimized.

Born, bred, and brought up in Texas, I now live in Iowa, making my non-existent fortunes advocating for causes and candidates I believe in (and some that paid the bills but couldn’t buy personalities). Given my wide array of campaigns and issues worked on, I’m endowed with interests and tidbits of knowledge of all types, meaning I’m open to writing about anything and everything.

That being said, I prefer (am better at) things related to travel, politics, culture, and history — y’know, the things no one writes about.

Check out my blog devoted to history, politics, culture, and travel.

P.S. If you read “Hello there!” and pictured Obi-Wan Kenobi, we should work together.

Better Works



Avoid sounding like a robot. Or don't. I happen to have a soft spot for robots. Plus, Skynet could be watching.

Feature Writing

Anything involving adventure, poor decision making, new experiences, or focusing on humans (and animals) far and wide = sign me up.


Will begrudgingly write about 10 Coats to Buy This Winter, will happily blog about 10 Best Coats in Movies, will ecstatically create content on The History of Coats in America.

Social Media Content

Who doesn't hate social media? Our moms share unfunny memes, the Russians decimated our democracy with it, and all of your high school rivals *seemingly* have better lives than you. Let me manage your social media accounts so you don't have to.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is the one marketing technique everyone should be using. After recommendations from friends and niche-specific influencers, it's the most influential medium today. The problem is people receive an average of *17,049,140 emails a day (an estimate). Cut through that with personalized emails constructed on a perfect blend of relationship building and analytics.


There's no better place in the world than an archive riddled in skin cells and adventure and bureaucracy. Whether you need help finding the lost Amber Room (unlikely), tracing a long-lost ancestor, or searching for a specific detail, item, or event, I'm your guy.


Josh is an outstanding writer. I can always rely on him to provide stellar content on time. I've not met another writer yet that produces such quality work every time (and on time). He's responsive and doesn't take offense to requested edits. He's really wonderful to work with. I can't say enough about how he has helped my business.
Lara Cattlin
CEO, Reach Agency
My experience with Josh has never been anything short of wonderful. He is highly professional yet friendly, ready to work hard but not afraid to ask questions, works great on his own or as part of a team, and is incredibly proactive and knows how to make the most of every minute of the day. I would hire Josh again if the opportunity arose in a heartbeat.
Rania Batrice
CEO, Batrice & Associates
I give most people I work with a 5 out of 10. I give Josh an 8. That's unprecedented, and it speaks to Josh's drive, dedication, and commitment to delivering a perfect product, no matter what that product may be. I'd recommend him for any position.
Justin Huck
Political Consultant
Josh originally recruited me to work with him at the League of Conservation Voters, promising me the opportunity to improve on current skills, develop new ones, and provide me with opportunities I had yet to experience. In my time at LCV, Josh has delivered on all of these promises. He has consistently assisted me in developing and achieving set goals, and pushed me outside of my comfort zone to attempt new opportunities. He displays effective communication, a profound knowledge of his position, and excellent leadership skills. Josh has been an ardent supporter of all those on his team, and I would be proud to work for Josh on any future project.
Nathan Erickson
Chief of Staff, Wildfire contact



+1 (319) 499 - 0765